Corporate governance

MT Højgaard A/S is owned by the two companies, Højgaard Holding A/S (54%) and Monberg & Thorsen A/S (46%), which are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. MTH GROUP therefore operates as a listed company, which is reflected in MTH GROUP's compliance with relevant legislation, regulation and standards, including the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), Denmark’s Securities Trading Act, the Nasdaq Copenhagen Issuer's Rules of Procedure and IFRS, etc. The Group also takes a position on Recommendations on Corporate Governance.

The statutory statement of corporate governance forms part of the management report of the MTH GROUP’s annual report for 2016 and includes a description of the Group's management structure and the main elements of the internal control and risk management systems in connection with the presentation of financial statements. In addition, the statement sets out the Group's position on the Recommendations on Corporate Governance.

Read the Group's statutory statement on corporate governance.

Read more about corporate governance at MTH GROUP:

The statutory corporate governance statements for listed companies can be found at and

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