Ruling regarding application to appeal will be withdrawn by Supreme Court

17. November 2015

Quite unusually, the Supreme Court has announced that it will withdraw its decision of 5 November 2015 for further evaluation regarding application to appeal in the dispute regarding the offshore windfarm Robin Rigg.

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Today, the Supreme Court in London informed that it will withdraw the previously announced ruling of 5 November 2015 where it rejects an application from MT Højgaard’s opposing party to allow an appeal against the ruling in an old dispute.

The purpose and the effect of this expected withdrawal by the Supreme Court is not known at this time.

Should this imply that the dispute is not finally settled, it will cause the Group to re-establish a provision and adjust its guidance for Special items to DKK 0 against the present guidance of an income of DKK 195 million. Besides this the financial guidance for 2015 is not affected.

Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risk and uncertainty which may cause actual developments to differ materially from the guidance provided.

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