Enemærke & Petersen chosen for new major refurbishment project

24. September 2013

34 blocks of flats in Langkærparken in Tilst near Aarhus will undergo a DKK 370 million modernisation and energy refurbishment.

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AL2bolig has today announced that Enemærke & Petersen a/s – a subsidiary in the MT Højgaard Group - has been chosen as the design-build contractor for the refurbishment and modernisation of the Langkærparken estate in Tilst near Aarhus. As part of the South Jutland Plan, the residential housing was built in the period 1960-1975, and comprises 860 homes in 34 three-storey blocks.

Approximately 45,000 m2 of facade will be refurbished with new energy facade elements and windows, new kitchens and refurbished bathrooms. Four blocks will be totally refurbished and converted into homes for senior citizens. In general, the refurbishment will be classified as energy class 2010, but will be executed in such a way that the blocks of flats can gradually be improved to energy class 2020. The refurbishment will be carried out in stages over a three-year period and is scheduled for completion by mid-2016.

The client chose Enemærke & Petersen on basis of price, total cost of ownership, architecture, time scale and planning.

- We are proud to be chosen for this challenging project which will add great value to the residents of Langkærparken. We put the residents at the centre throughout the entire process by listening to them and giving them various choices. We will execute the refurbishment with the least possible inconvenience to the residents, while at the same time maintaining a strong focus on a sound total cost of ownership, with energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. We look forward to a good collaboration with the residents, the client and the other collaboration partners, says CEO Svend R. Hartmann, Enemærke & Petersen.

Langkærparken is the first project under a framework agreement initiated by AL2bolig and supported by the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs, which will ensure better, cheaper and faster energy facade refurbishment on this and similar projects.

The project comes as an extension of a number of other similar large-scale refurbishment projects won by Enemærke & Petersen in recent years including Vapnagård in Elsinore and Rosenhøj in Aarhus.

The contract is expected to be signed when the deadline for objections expires. The agreement is anticipated to have a positive influence on MT Højgaard's revenue and profit during the course of the project, but does not change previously published financial expectations.

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