MT Hoejgaard to build a care centre and a health centre in Albertslund Centrum

31. May 2013

A modern and energy-saving care centre with 108 dwellings and a 3,600 m2 health centre.

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Over the next two years, MT Højgaard will build a care centre and a health centre in Albertslund Centrum. The DKK 350 million project is focused on sustainability. The building also includes a major new Kvickly supermarket and an underground car park Albertslund Municipality wants the building complex to meet the energy standards of the 2015 building regulations.

MT Højgaard has constructed several large-scale buildings for clients with a focus on quality and future-readiness with regard to sustainability. Such buildings include the new headquarters of audit firm KPMG at Flintholm at Frederiksberg, DONG Energy's new office in Gentofte, and Novo Nordisk's new Campus in Bagsværd, which is still under construction.

– We have been working closely with Albertslund Municipality for several months, and have found some good solutions for Albertslund Centrum. We look forward to continuing the cooperation, and the citizens of Albertslund can look forward to a modern and well-functioning building complex, says Torben Biilmann, CEO of MT Højgaard.

Albertslund Centrum will be completed in mid-2015, roughly two years from now. The order, which has a value to MT Højgaard of DKK 350 million spread across the construction period, will not change the previously published financial expectations for 2013.


Care centre

  • 108 dwellings in total
  • 81 standard care homes. Some of these homes, with space for two occupants, will be for married couples. These homes are suitable for couples who still wish to live together even though one of them has a level of need for nursing care that makes it impossible to continue living at home.
  • 15 standard elderly care homes
  • 12 flex homes for limited tenancy, e.g. a citizen discharged from hospital who still requires more care than is possible to provide at home

Health Centre

  • 3,600 m2
  • Retraining
  • Nursing clinics
  • Dental care
  • GP Clinic
  • Meeting facilities and teaching rooms
  • Café with indoor and outdoor seating
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