New chairman of the board of directors in MT Højgaard

8. April 2013

Søren Bjerre-Nielsen is the new chairman of the board in MT Højgaard A/S.

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At MT Højgaard's annual general meeting the chairman, Helge Israelsen, did not offer himself for re-election. Søren Bjerre-Nielsen was elected new member of the board and at the subsequent board meeting the board elected Søren Bjerre-Nielsen as its new chairman of the board.

From now on, MT Højgaard's board of directors elected by the general meeting is as follows: 

  • Søren Bjerre-Nielsen (Chairman) 
  • Chief Operating Officer Niels Lykke Graugaard (Vice-chairman), GEA Group AG
  • President and CEO Jørgen Nicolajsen, Monberg & Thorsen A/S
  • CEO Lars Rasmussen, Coloplast A/S, Denmark 
  • Curt Germundsson
  • Jens Jørgen Madsen

Members elected by the employees:

  • Divisional Director Ole Kristiansen
  • QHSE Director Vinnie Sunke Heimann
  • Sales Director John Sommer

About Søren Bjerre-Nielsen

Søren Bjerre-Nielsen is 60 years old, has a Masters in Economics and Business Administration and is a state-authorised public accountant. He is chairman of Danmarks Nationalbank's (the central bank's) Committee of Directors and its Board of Directors as well as of the Board of Directors of VKR Holding A/S. Until 2011, Søren Bjerre-Nielsen was CFO in the Danisco Group.



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