Change in MT Højgaard's management

30. October 2012

After agreement with MT Højgaard's Board of Directors, COO Jens Nyhus resigns from his position with immediate effect.

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His resignation comes after a period of eight months during which MT Højgaard's Group management has consisted of acting President and CEO Jørgen Nicolajsen (CEO), Chief Financial Officer Flemming Steen (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer Jens Nyhus (COO). On 1 November Torben Biilmann takes up the position as new President and CEO, after which the Group management will consist of President and CEO Torben Biilman and Chief Financial Officer Flemming Steen.

- The Board wishes to thank Jens Nyhus for his very significant contribution to MT Højgaard throughout 20 years. Not least throughout the past six months which have been characterised by a number of initiatives to make MT Højgaard a profitable company once again, says MT Højgaard's chairman of the Board, Helge Israelsen.

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