Investor relations

The Group is owned by the two listed companies, Højgaard Holding A/S and Monberg & Thorsen A/S, and has therefore adopted an Investor Relations Policy to support the holding companies’ compliance with disclosure and other rules for listed companies. 

The Group will brief all market participants regularly and simultaneously about relevant matters and financial results as well as planned and anticipated developments.  The Group aims to provide true and adequate information in order to maintain and increase knowledge of and confidence in the MTH GROUP.

The regular communications from the Group are to help establish the best possible basis for decisions on the purchase and sale of shares issued by the holding companies and to promote the marketability of these shares. The communication will be organised and implemented in liaison with the holding companies publishing company announcements, annual and interim financial reports on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The Group will immediately after publish the information on its website.

The award of contracts will be considered and treated as inside information when the contracts are of such size and scope that they will have an appreciable impact on the Group’s anticipated results and its financial performance and thus, on share pricing. The MTH GROUP communicates regularly about other contracts and other developments in the Group in press releases and through other communication channels when the information is not inside information.

The Group Management is in continuous dialogue with investors, stock analysts, the media and other stakeholders, and Group Communications is always available for enquiries. Questions will be answered having regard to the need to comply with prohibitions against the unlawful disclosure of inside information, competitive matters, etc.

For a period of three weeks prior to the planned publication of annual or interim financial reports, the Group will not comment on analysis reports, and the management will not attend meetings or otherwise discuss financial matters with investors, stock analysts, the media or other stakeholders.

This Investor Relations Policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors in December 2017. 
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