With a vision of being the most productivity-enhancing group in the construction and civil engineering industry, MTH GROUP has been a key player in the industry's battle against low productivity for a number of years.

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The Group works actively to ensure greater realisability and freedom of choice and more quality for money in the projects in which it is involved.

The vision has to be realised through close collaboration with all relevant project partners at an early stage in the process. This is based on transparency in financial issues, knowledge and technology as well as greater focus on establishing trust and good relations between all parties involved.

The Group invests significant resources in the development and implementation of new Virtual Design & Construction Technology (VDC) in order to create Best in Class VDC. This strong technological platform allows the Group to simulate both the development and planning phase as well as the actual implementation of a given project before construction or engineering work begins – because VDC enables integration of operations, finance and the important time perspective so that the partners on the project can jointly identify the optimum solutions and any errors before start-up.

In addition, MTH GROUP capitalises on economies of scale and the potential to ensure increased efficiency through well-established co-operation when several of the Group's companies are represented on a project. Finally, cross-disciplinary optimisation of procurement, work environment initiatives, IT infrastructure and training creates the foundation for strengthening the Group's performance and results.

MTH GROUP's strategy has to ensure an operating margin before special items of at least 5% in each company as well as positive cash flows from operations and a solvency ratio of 30-35%. 

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