MTH GROUP is one of the leading players in the construction and civil engineering industry in the Nordic region. The Group's companies carry out projects in Denmark and specialist activities in selected countries, with the Group's 3.900 employees committed to increasing productivity and collaboration, ensuring the overall economic robustness of a project and its profitability and quality. MTH GROUP creates value for customers, partners and owners as well as the surrounding community – and revenue is expected to be around DKK 6.8 billion in 2018.

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Our strategy

MTH GROUP consists of the companies, MT Højgaard, Enemærke & Petersen, Lindpro, Scandi Byg and Ajos, as well as the jointly-owned companies Greenland Contractors and Seth. The Group's activities are organised in the areas of civil engineering, construction and services.


The Group develops, builds and refurbishes buildings for private or public purposes – primarily in Denmark, but also in the North Atlantic. The area accounts for the majority of MTH GROUP's total activities, measured on both revenue and number of employees.

Civil Engineering

The Group's civil engineering activities are undertaken by MT Højgaard and the Seth joint venture. The Group handles larger and smaller civil engineering projects from permanent offices in Denmark, the North Atlantic countries, the Maldives and Portugal.


The Group supplies a range of services in the construction and civil engineering industry especially through the service businesses at Ajos, Enemærke & Petersen, Lindpro, Greenland Contractors and, in connection with project development and design, at MT Højgaard.

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