Investor relations

Højgaard Holding A/S and Monberg & Thorsen A/S are focused on compliance with disclosure equirements and other rules applicable to listed companies.

MTH GROUP wishes to keep investors, analysts, the media and other stakeholders openly, accurately and fully informed, in particular about results achieved and the planned and expected development. The aim is to achieve a steady high level of information, active distribution of news as well as equal access to information. 
The purpose is to improve and maintain knowledge of and confidence in the Group in order to:
• ensure the best possible basis for decisions regarding the purchase and sale of the shares of the parent companies and thus for the price formation of said shares
• promote a satisfactory transferability of the shares (liquidity)
At the same time, the Group aims to enable its other stakeholders to form an opinion of the Group on a well-informed basis. This applies in particular to customers, collaborators and existing and potential employees, but also to other stakeholders such as authorities and the media.
Communication by the Group is planned and executed to serve to ensure that the two listed parent companies meet their disclosure obligations to the stock market, while at the same time supporting the Group's relations to the other stakeholders.
As the activities in the Group make up the prevailing part of the activity in the two parent companies, communication about said activities emanates from the Group, and is planned and executed jointly by the Group and the parent  companies. Communication by the two parent companies about the Group is always identical.
The Group informs regularly about the Group’s development in company announcements and press releases, and on this website, the Group provides comprehensive historical and current data as well as instructive information to all stakeholders.
The Group and both parent companies publish financial communication, company announcements and most other communication in both Danish and English.

Financial communication

The planning and execution of the Group’s and the owners’ communication about their economic development, including annual and quarterly reports, comply with the rules applicable to listed companies.

Communication of news

The communication of the current development in the Group complies with the disclosure requirements contained in the Danish Securities Trading Act, related executive orders and Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen's Issuer’s Rules. 

When publishing important news, we indicate whether they will give rise to changes in previously published financial forecasts. If so, the forecasts will be updated. News may be subject to the disclosure requirements, even when accompanied by an assessment that the news do not give rise to any changes in forecasts. 
The central criterion for the publication of a company announcement is whether the news is assessed to have the potential to affect the supply or demand for the shares of the parent companies and thus the price formation of said shares. Thus, the anticipated financial effect of what the news is regarding is not in itself essential.
If a company announcement is not deemed to be required or appropriate, but where other considerations, including commercial considerations or public reputation, so require, the news may be published in a press release.
In connection with new orders, the Group provides information via the two parent companies in company announcements after having assessed the specific case and with due regard to disclosure requirements, commercial interests and contractual relationships on the basis of the following supplementary considerations. 
The Group always publishes information about new contracts which: 
• reflect substantial commercial or strategic changes
• have a value of DKK 350 million or more

Dialogue with the stock market

In addition to written communications, representatives of the management teams of the Group and the two parent companies are at disposal for interviews and meetings with investors and stock market analysts and the media.
For a period of three weeks before the planned publication of financial statements or other important company announcements, the Group or the two parent companies do not clarify the market or economic development or position. During that period, analytical reports will not be commented upon, and the management teams will not convene meetings of the investors or the like.

Electronic communication

The Group as well as the two parent companies provide an e-mail service available on request. By subscribing to this service, you will have the quickest possible access to information about the development in the companies.
The two parent companies encourage shareholders to register their shares in the name of the holder in the companies' registers of shares, and the shareholders will then receive e-mails with information about annual general meetings of the companies.
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